Raoul Martinez

Coming from a family of writers and artists, it was little surprise that Raoul had artistic ambitions from an early age. Inspired by the workshops of Renaissance Florence and the ateliers of 19th century Paris, he dreamed of one day studying as an apprentice in an artist’s studio. At 16, he received an invitation to do just that with an internationally renowned portrait painter — a position uniquely created for him. During the apprenticeship, Raoul had the opportunity to immerse himself in the art of portraiture.  At 17, on his final day of college, he received his first commission to paint the great-grandchildren of Edith Sitwell — the Sitwell family being famous sitters of one of Raoul’s great influences, John Singer Sargent. After a fruitful two and a half years of training, he left to set up his own studio. Since then he has received numerous commissions and exhibited in many galleries, including London's National Portrait Gallery. Raoul is also a writer and filmmaker.